biolitec: Successful treatment of complicated 3rd and 4th degree haemorrhoids with LHP laser therapy

biolitec: Successful treatment of complicated 3rd and 4th degree haemorrhoids with LHP laser therapy

Excellent treatment results of biolitec’s LHP laser therapy also for complicated haemorrhoids – Current therapy report shows no complications as well as no recurrences after 19 months – Significantly improved general quality of life of patients

The LHP laser fiber from biolitec is inserted into the hemorrhoid and irradiates from inside (Source: © biolitec®)

Jena, 14th July 2022 – The tissue-preserving and sphincter-protecting laser therapy LHP (LaserHaemorrhoidoPlasty) by biolitec for the removal or reduction of enlarged haemorrhoids also achieves very good treatment results with complicated haemorrhoids. Several studies in recent years have already proven the suitability of laser therapy as an alternative treatment option compared to conventional treatment methods. A study from July 2021 now also proves the suitability of biolitec’s LHP laser therapy for haemorrhoids of 3rd and 4th degree.*

This was recently documented by the treatment results presented by Dr Claus Blumberg and Dr Nicole Stehn from the Lübeck Rectal Centre at the ACPGBI Annual Meeting in Edinburgh from 3 to 6 July 2022.

The team of doctors treated a group of 73 patients aged between 17 and 79 (50 men, 23 women) with thrombosed haemorrhoids of 3rd degree with biolitec’s LEONARDO DUAL 45 diode laser at 1470 nm and 8 watt. All patients had previously received conservative therapy. Data were collected perioperatively up to 6 weeks and during follow-up up to 19 months.

The average treatment time was less than 7 minutes. On average, more than 3 haemorrhoidal nodes were treated. The mean postoperative pain score was 2.3/10 VAS on the first day and 1.58/10 VAS on the second day. Long-term symptom relevance was 100% and patient satisfaction was 93.4%. No complications occurred in any patient and no recurrences were detected after 19 months.

The benefits of LHP laser therapy for enlarged haemorrhoids even go far beyond the excellent treatment results achieved medically: after questioning 50 patients 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after the operation according to the standardised SF-8 questionnaire, all patients reported a significant improvement in their quality of life. In addition to the significant reduction in pain – from 3.29 (slight) to 1.44 (none) – the mental well-being of the patients improved considerably (from 3.22 to 1.56). The perception of being able to participate better in social life improved from 2.38 to 1.62 – as well as in all other questioned categories such as physical fitness and vitality.

It is thus evident that LHP laser therapy not only solves the medical problem even in the case of complicated haemorrhoids, but generally improves the quality of life as well as the mental and emotional feeling of the patients in the long term.