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ehotel® comes top in the industry and scores a Digital Champions 2020 award

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Written By rtissler

As all areas of life continue to digitalize, one of the biggest challenges is not to lose sight of the human being. Customers have always been ehotel”s main focus and this is not about to change. The Digital Champion 2020 award confirms the company”s proximity to customers on a digital level too. ehotel® provides fast and reliable metasearch technology, user-friendly applications, transparency and a clear booking and invoicing system that companies can integrate into their own respective business travel systems, as well as very personal customer service.

In a comparison conducted by ServiceValue and the German national daily Die Welt, ehotel® ranks well above the competition and is considered the best hotel booking portal hands-down. The Digital Experience Score was calculated on the basis of a survey of 316,000 users, who were asked how enthusiastic they were about certain brands or companies with regard to interactivity, apps and social media presence. A total of 1,570 companies from 140 industries were assessed for their digital customer proximity. “We are particularly pleased about this award,” said ehotel® CEO Fritz Zerweck “because it shows that our customers are satisfied with us and that is the most important thing.”