GSB Gold Standard Corporation: G999, Josip Heit interviewed on elections, economies and the hope for new technologies

GSB Gold Standard Corporation: G999, Josip Heit interviewed on elections, economies and the hope for new technologies

GSB Gold Standard Corporation: G999, Josip Heit interviewed on elections and economies

All investors on the stock markets are facing economically eventful weeks with the parliamentary elections in Germany, especially from a political point of view. In this context, DEUTSCHE TAGESZEITUNG asks corporate leaders economic policy questions.

Today we ask the Chairman of the Board of GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG, Josip Heit.

Mr. Heit, what do you say about the prospects of the economy, in connection with the 20th Bundestag election of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Josip Heit: “Continuing inflation and economic worries as well as unclear monetary policy decisions by the central banks, above all the eagerly awaited Fed meeting and the accompanying announcement of important US economic data, are likely to continue to be major burdening factors for a prosperous economic development of our planet in my opinion, despite falling Corona infections.

A possible expected traffic light coalition is currently the most likely of all variants after the election in Germany, which probably won’t send equity investors into raptures, but should prevent a big bear bang on the markets due to a possible participation of the FDP.”

Mr Heit, an era is coming to an end in Germany. After 16 years of Angela Merkel, the levers of government power are being reshuffled and with them the framework conditions for the economy. How do you see the current situation interacting with economic factors in general?

Josip Heit: “Well, one thing is quite clear, as the former Federal President Roman Herzog, whom I admire, said in his speech on 26 April 1997 in Berlin’s Hotel Adlon: “A jolt must go through Germany”, all the entrepreneurs I know currently agree that this “jolt through Germany as a business location” must take place in the short term.

The stable retirement age propagated by Olaf Scholz is questionable in this context, which is why I would like to answer it with a quote from the great statesman Sir Winston Churchill, who once said: “Capitalism has an inherent vice, the unequal distribution of goods. Socialism, on the other hand, has an inherent virtue, the equal distribution of misery!”

If you therefore ask me explicitly how I see the economic future, then I must answer quite clearly here, only technological progress can guarantee people a secure future!

Here, first and foremost, I see blockchain technology as a possible component of this future, also in relation to parliamentary elections, no matter where on our planet. The development of G999 blockchain technology, as a uniquely encrypted telecommunication, offers great possibilities in this area. Through the use of blockchain technology, there would also be completely secure and, most importantly, transparent elections.

In conclusion, I always wonder when reading the newspapers of my own newspaper group which is anchored in the corporate division GS Media / German Daily News, because at the moment it seems to be all about the fight of more or less market, more or less redistribution, more freedom or more prohibition worldwide. In the political trenches here, supposed neoliberals and supposed socialists are facing each other and threatening the opponent, which in my opinion is completely wrong, because we are all in the same boat and everyone deserves to live a good life.”

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